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    Children's Author • Illustrator • Designer • Artist of sort • DJ

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    ABOUT | Michael Ivery

    Michael Ivery's career has come full circle. After over 20 years as an award-winning DJ, traveling and achieving success, Ivery stepped back from the festivals and into the playroom. Inspired by his youngest daughter, he began writing and illustrating children's books and characters, thus spawning the idea to launch Tubba and Friends, a new children's brand.


    As a devoted father, Ivery's focus has always been on family. His career pivoted from entertaining crowds to creating joyous moments at home. The DJ booth transformed into a drawing desk, where his creative talents now bring lively stories and characters to life, ensuring his daughters smile and laugh. While his love for music endures, these days, you're more likely to find him sketching than spinning records.


    Beyond the beats and family tales, Michael reveals another side of his artistic self. As an emerging illustrator, designer, and creative in children's media, he weaves narratives through drawings and characters that resonate in the smiles and laughter of not only his own kids but in the pages that turn in books.

    DJ | Career

    Emerging from the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, Michael Ivery has been a force in the music scene since 2000. Unlike the typical DJ, he stands as a musician's DJ, creating a distinctive sound and style that draws on his deep appreciation for jazz, funk, soul, and world beats. His musical horizons extend far beyond the confines of nightclub walls, weaving together influences from Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Europe, and the Middle East.


    Over the span of 24 years, Michael's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Sharing the stage with legendary icons, he has played to crowds exceeding 100,000, leaving an indelible mark with critically acclaimed albums, including an impressive 5 top 10 releases. Adding to his accolades, he proudly launched the "Award-Winning" Afro:Baile world music event(s) and record label, solidifying his impact on a global scale.

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