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    Welcome to my children's brand, Tubba and Friends, an adventurous book series where imagination knows no bounds. As a dedicated children's author, I wanted to create a book series and a brand that passionately crafts imaginative characters and heartwarming tales of kindness, friendship, and adventure.


    Each book in the Tubba and Friends series offers high-quality full-color illustrations, 10x10 hardcover, and is written in rhyme with engaging educational content to inspire young minds. Tubba and Friends is not just a brand; it's a heartfelt journey into creativity and discovery, connecting with families and bringing joy to every adventure. Join this exciting journey!

  • Tubba and Friends | The Big Music Jamboree!

    Join Tubba Bear as she embarks on a fun, rhyming adventure with her pink guitar! Along the way, she travels to different places and meets many new friends with their musical instruments. It's not long before the sounds of 'oompah-oompah' and 'shake shake shake!; become the pathway to her new adventure. What starts as an idea for one quickly adds up to a fun day of friends on their way to 'The Big Music Jamboree'!

    This colorful picture book is geared for ages 0-6, but perfect for the whole family. It's written in rhyme style, and it explores the joy of music, friendship, and adventure! Children and parents alike will enjoy the colorful visuals, cute characters, musical instruments, and educational elements.



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