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    Creative Artist • Children's Author • DJ 

    Greetings! I'm delighted you stopped by. I'm Michael Ivery – a children's book author, illustrator, creator of children's media, and a former award-winning DJ. In the world of vinyl, I'm a jazz enthusiast with a passion for music, arts, and everything creative. A native of Arizona (yes, really!), I find inspiration in cartoons, animation, art, design, and, of course, books. Above all, I am just a human-being who strives to be creative, have fun, and enjoy the little things in life.

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    Here, you'll find a little backstory on me now and my days as a DJ, producer, and visionary in the entertainment industry. All roads lead to my new space on the planet in children's edutainment.

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    From DJ to children's book author, it's been quite the journey into the children's book and media world. Check out the latest authoring of books and stories I have created for families far and wide!

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    Come on by and visit my shop. I have something for everyone. From my new children's book to limited edition lapel pins, book bags, and some art prints. I regularly update the shop.


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    Written & Illustrated by • Michael Ivery

    Join Tubba Bear as she embarks on a fun, rhyming adventure with her pink guitar! Along the way, she travels to different places and meets many new friends with their musical instruments. It's not long before the sounds of 'oompah-oompah' and 'shake shake shake!; become the pathway to her new adventure. What starts as an idea for one quickly adds up to a fun day of friends on their way to 'The Big Music Jamboree'!

    The Gangs All Here Tubba and Friends

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